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  1. Galaxie Pages
    I am replacing my heater hoses that go into the heater core. 1 is marked 3/4" but the bottom one isnt marked and it looks like it might not be the same size. Does anybody know if both lines are the same size? This is for the 390
  2. Galaxie Pages
    need to redo the linkage from the steering wheel column to a mouthed floor shifter. its on a 67 390 galaxie 500. Anyone know how to do this?
  3. Galaxie
    Hey, VERY NEW to forum, 1st post. I am selling my 1965 Galaxie 500 XL convertible. 390 motor, Automatic trans. It is black on black for the most part. This would most likely be a parts car because a lot of it is disassembled and would need a trailer to pick it up. No title as well but a lot of...
  4. Galaxie Pages
    Hi Folks - which alignment Specs would you take if your Car is Power Steered and got new American Classics 215/75/R14 wheels on it? I think the Specs in the Manual won´t fit.:confused: At this time the self center ecffect in Cornering is not enough. Before I replaced the Bushings at the front...
  5. All Ford Techboard
    just replaced the timing chain in my 68 galaxie 500 390. when i pulled the old top gear it was missing the nylon on 10 teeth! anyways.....i replaced the stock chain and gear with a double roller setup. when i started it up i was getting a horrible metal on metal noise. tore it back down , and...
1-5 of 5 Results