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  1. 1965 Galaxie XL power window switch troubleshooting

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    I am in the process of troubleshooting a 1965 XL Galaxie's power window switches on console. Driver's side works all the time. Passenger side switch only wants to go up. The 2 rear windows switches were not connected from console but buttons work from rear seats so ok there. I moved the...
  2. 1961 Galaxie/Sunliner Soft Parts Sources Needed

    Galaxie Pages
    I've been picking up parts for my 1961 Sunliner projects for awhile but I've found it hard to find 1961 interior parts despite the commonality with 1960-1962 in so many ways. Does anyone know where to pick up upholstery and other interior detail/soft parts for 1961? The only place I've found...
  3. 1961 Galaxie slip yoke

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    Hi all, recently I'm trying to repair my drivetrain. Unfortunately I had to discover that my yoke is in pretty bad shape (imho). The black spots are little dents with around 1/16" diameter. I really would like to replace it, but I can't find the exact same yoke in the www, although I...
  4. 1963 Galaxie lightweight

    1963 Galaxie lightweight

    This one was a fun restoration because of its crazy graphics. It to we used the original to the car interior and glass. This particular customer always prefers it that way. It has its original aluminum cased 4spd
  5. 1964 Galaxie lightweight

    1964 Galaxie lightweight

    Here is a 64 lightweight we restored a couple years ago. It was traded in part by my customer, to Dana Mecum for a cobra. I believe Dana has sold it and would like to keep track of the car if anyone knows the new owner of it. It was a factory automatic car which was missing its transmission...
  6. Galaxie lightweight

    Galaxie lightweight

  7. 68 Galaxie swap

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    I have a 68 Galaxie with a 302 that I'm putting a 351m with a c6 into it. What are some possible performance upgrades for both? I know the cheaper route so far is the valve train, intake, and upgrading to a 4 barrel. As far as the transmission goes I have no idea and for aspiration, turbo v...
  8. Ford galaxie sunliner 1961 sunvisors

    Interior Articles
    Does anyone know how i remove my sunvisors so i can get them renovated?
  9. 63 Galaxie 352 Oil

    Engine Articles
    I Have a 63 Galaxie 500 with a 352 in it. Doesn’t seem like it’s ever been rebuilt but I just want to run the right oil in it. Currently run Mobile 1 10w-30 with a Rislone Zinc additive but I heard there are some better oils to run for and old engine. Any suggestions would be appreciated..
  10. 63 Galaxie brakes sticking on

    Braking Articles
    I have a 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 with drums all around. Has a new master cylinder but after a 10-15 mile drive the front and rear brakes stick on. Jacked it up and can’t spin fronts at all until opening a bleeder than they will free spin. Thinking maybe master cylinder push rod length out of...
  11. 1965 Galaxie Country Sedan Fuel Tank

    Galaxie Pages
    Hello, New to this site. I been on it and read a lot good threads and decided I would join. I was wondering if anyone has a fuel tank or knows anyone that might? I have a very, very slow leak in mine. Also, does anyone know where you can get a fuel sending unit? or are they just not made...
  12. Coolant in oil breather tube FE 390

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    I have a 65 Canadian 390 so it has a oil breather tube and road draft tube. I changed the oil yesterday and noticed bright green coolant in the oil breather tube. I have included a photo of it. Not sure how it's getting up there as it seems to be above where the tube goes into the manifold. I am...
  13. Galaxie FE Motor smoke

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    Have a 390 Fe Motor with a road draft tube (no PCV). When I bought the car, it ran great. No smoke. I took it in to a shop for oil change and to have some of the leaks fixed. Got it back after oil changed to synthetic with oil stabilizer and the valve cover gaskets replaced. Once it warmed up...
  14. New to me 1961 Ford Sunliner

    Galaxie Pages
    I picked up a 1961 sunliner today and am currently going over the work the car will need. It seems that every panel on the car has some amount of rust and I am not sure where to get some of the sheet metal needed for the repairs without making them myself. It seems the front fenders have rust up...
  15. 66 7 Liter Brakes

    Galaxie Pages
    I recently purchased a '66 7 liter and have a question about the disc brakes. Does anyone know how to located a set of front disc break hub assemblies? Is it possible to use a hub/rotor/caliper assembly off of a different year/car?
  16. Grille Support - LH & RH - 1964 Ford Galaxie

    Auto Metal Direct
    Now available - Grille Support - LH - 1964 Ford Galaxie Part# 151-8964-L Retail price: $24.99 Grille Support - RH - 1964 Ford Galaxie Part# 151-8964-R Retail price: $24.99 Reproduction grille support bracket for the 1964 Ford Galaxie. Stamped from high quality heavy gauge steel on our...
  17. Grille to Bumper Filler Panel - 1964 Ford Galaxie

    Auto Metal Direct
    Now available - Grille to Bumper Filler Panel - 1964 Ford Galaxie Part# 115-8964 Retail price: $189.99 Reproduction grille to front bumper filler panel. This piece fills in the opening between the bottom of the grille and the top of the front bumper. Stamped from high quality OE gauge steel...
  18. *New Parts* - 1963 Ford Galaxie Trunk Gutters

    Auto Metal Direct
    Now Available - Trunk Gutter Set (3pcs) - LH - 1963 Ford Galaxie Part# 825-8963-LS Retail price: $169.99 Trunk Gutter Set (3pcs) - RH - 1963 Ford Galaxie Part# 825-8963-RS Retail price: $169.99 Reproduction 3 piece trunk gutter sets for the 1963 Ford Galaxie. These pieces attach to the...
  19. Cross Rail Brace - Rear - 63 Galaxie

    Auto Metal Direct
    Now Available - Cross Rail Brace - Rear - 63 Galaxie Part# 871-8963 Retail: $149.99 Reproduction rear cross rail brace for the 1963 Ford Galaxie. Often badly rusted, bent or missing all together, this brace installs at the rear of the frame and sits just behind the back bumper. Each brace is...
  20. Trunk Floor Cross Brace - Rear - 61-64 Galaxie

    Auto Metal Direct
    Now Available - Trunk Floor Cross Brace - Rear - 61-64 Galaxie Part# 870-8963 Retail: $149.99 Reproduction rear trunk floor cross brace for the 1961-64 Ford Galaxie. Made like OE, this cross brace welds to the bottom of the trunk floor, on the rear edge. Stamped from high quality OE gauge...