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  1. 06558861-DF0D-4885-973E-19EF8683582D.jpeg

    1966 Ford Custom | Galaxie | Fairlane | front bench seat | upholstery
  2. Ride Of The Month Contest
    Hello all, Posting here looking for any tips on 60’s fords & advice. I am getting the new vinyl done for the seats and should have those seats back in a few days from now. The inline 6 is non leaky, clean, just doesnt provide any power. It is original, looking for any modification upgrades for...
  3. Galaxie
    I have a 64 Galaxie that has a really badly damaged front drivers door that I need to replace as soon as possible. My car is almost ready for paint but i need to get the door, get it fitted and get the car to paint. Im local to the Los Angeles area and can pick the door up from you if you are...
  4. All Ford Techboard
    So my daily driver broke down and im tryn to get my galaxy500 up and road ready, last time i drove long ago it slipped pretty bad right before i parked it.So i put fresh fluid in it and managed to get it to pull, and it would even brake torque and burn rubber. Next day nothing but reverse...
  5. Galaxie
    All, Looking for a early Feb date code set of head for a 1963 Galaxie. Thanks!
  6. Galaxie Pages
    Hello Everyone, I am putting a 63 1/2 r code galaxie back together and looking for engine parts as well as the original steel wheels. Does anyone have some of these items or know someone that might. Thanks
1-6 of 6 Results