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  1. Testing Fuel & Temp Gauges

    Galaxie Pages
    I would like to test the fuel and temp gauges from my '64 before reinstalling them in the dash cluster. I know that the constant voltage regulator provides a pulse that averages out to about 5.5 volts. My questions is, if I apply 5.5 volts directly to the studs on the back of each gauge (temp...
  2. 66-67 Fairlane fuel gauge and sending unit issues

    Fairlane Pages
    More of fuel gauge now. Kind of eliminated the sending unit possibility. YouTube - Fairlane Ranchero sending unit and gauge I thought I had some problems with the fuel level, turns out I really was about as low as I thought. Also there seems to be some thinking that today's fuel will corrode...
  3. Gas Gauge/Fuel Sender Woes

    Mustang Pages (1979-1995)
    I'm having issues with my gas gauge. I dropped my gas tank in my 85 Mustang weeks ago and figured that I should replace the 25 yr old sender while I had the tank out. Well, the new sender reads "Full" as 5/8th of a tank and reads "Empty" way before the fuel runs out. I tried adding an...
  4. Fuel Gauge Sending Unit Resistance Is All Over

    Falcon Pages
    Ok, finally got around to doing the fuel gauge sending unit on my '64. Good thing I bought a new float, b/c the one in there was rusted in half and not attached to the sending unit arm. Had to fish it out with a coat hanger. Anyway... Before putting it back in, I figured I'd check the...