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  1. Header Fitment

    Exhaust and Headers
    I'm putting a 351W into a '67 Fairlane that will have a T-5 and a Z-bar linkage. No power steering. I'm thinking of using Hooker Headers PART# 6901-1HKR like these...
  2. ProMaxx Heads

    All Ford Techboard
    I'm building a 351W to go into a '67 Fairlane. I'm planning to use the ProMaxx 180 heads. My question is about the headers. I'd like to run long tubes. The car will not have power steering and will have a T-5 with a Z-bar set-up. Two questions; has anybody run long tube headers on a 351W in...
  3. 65 Mustang Restore Project Question

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    Hello All I have been working on my 65 Mustang GT. I have installed a IFS II front end with power rack and pinon. I cannot seem to get an answer as far as which headers will fit and work with this setup. I will have a 302 with a C4 transmission. I did call Hooker (LOL The company not a worker)...
  4. 302 headers mustang

    Hello all. I am new to the forums and should be posting my falcon build shortly. Right now I have a set of 302 headers that I believe were designed for an older body style mustang and automatic transmission. I bought these with a project and they didn't fit my falcon engine bay. I can email...
  5. Headers for 66 XL Convertible

    Galaxie Pages
    Hi everybody. Are there any good fit, long or short headers that will fit my 66' with 390 Z code and console automatic? I've searched the archives and couldn't find a definitive answer. Thanks, Lance. P.S. my understanding is that the frame is different on the convertibles and that is where...
  6. Power Steering Ram mounting to clear headers

    All Ford Techboard
    I've seen that people use the drop down bracket for the ram, but it seems to cause problems without difficult welds only catching 3 sides of the bracket. Has anyone, or is it possible, to just mount the bracket over about 1" (from its normal position), toward the front of the car, to clear...
  7. 68 Galaxie header clearance

    Galaxie Pages
    On my 68 galaxie 500 the passenger side summit racing header i am trying to put on is hitting the crossmember the supports the motor mount. I was wondering if I could just use a sawzall or grinder to notch it (about 3/4 of an inch) to get the clearance I need. Any advice on which would be best...
  8. headers on a 65

    Galaxie Pages
    I have been following another thread about headers, there were some pics posted of the hooker 6130 and the crites headers. I was wondering if anyone had information/pics on the sanderson F391 headers, clearance, and if you would recommend getting the cheaper ones or paying the extra money to...
  9. R&C MII front end in 64 comet what headers fit?

    Falcon Pages
    I have a 64 comet with the Rod and Custom mustang 2 front end kit. We are installing a 408w in it and would like to know what headers actually fit with out modification. Has any one actually gotten long tube headers to fit and what was the part # or application?
  10. '64 Galaxie 500xl Convertible headers

    Galaxie Pages
    Hi I am new to this forum. I'm the lucky owner of a Ford Galaxie 64 convertible, with a standard Fe 390 with the standard manifold. Since I've read on many forums that the standard log manifold is very poor I would like to upgrade to a set of headers or better manifold. I have the opportunity to...
  11. 1964 Falcon headers

    Falcon Pages
    I have a 1964 Falcon with a 351W (obviously not factory installed). The engine has some homemade headers and I was looking for a header that will fit in the engine compartment without much mods.
  12. Heidts M ll with Headers

    Falcon Pages
    I have a 65 falcon with a Heidts M ll IFS. I'm installing a 5.0 with a T5 tranny. Is there a direct bolt up for the headers. I've tried a set of fox body headers with no luck.