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  1. Engine
    1971 351C Block, Crank, Heads, Pistons/Rods, Cam, Bearings, Lifters .030 block. .0010 under crank. All balanced, mag checked, fitted. W Exhaust manifolds and intake manifolds are available separately. What you see is what you get.
    $3,250 USD
  2. Engine Articles
    Hi, i reasently bought some aluminum heads for my 76 ford maverick that has a 302 in it, i got them today and i was comparing everything and i notice there are some water jackets on the new heads that are different to the stock heads and dont align with the block and I was wondering if its going...
  3. Engine Articles
    Looking for some insight as to what the most aggressive cam i can put in the 289 before i have to address the pressed in studs and potentially convert to threaded. Looking at comp cams SKU31-246-3. Any help is appreciated! CAM: Xtreme Energy™ 230/236 Hydraulic Flat Tappet Cam for Ford...
  4. Engine
    Ford Mercury 427 FE Big Block Medium Riser R code W Code Cylinder Heads C5AEF
  5. Dyno Board
    i have a 302 with long tube headers connected to a flowmaster exhaust, electronic ignition, a holley 650 with spacer. How much power am I making and what would porting and milling down the heads do for the car power wise? Thanks!
  6. All Ford Techboard
    Hello, I am starting my first top end rebuild of a 302.When finally taking the heads off coolant came out and poured into the cylinders, I am assuming I did something wrong when draining the radiator.can anyone advise me of what I did wrong and is this a problem?
  7. All Ford Techboard
    Hi guys, I am creating this post in hopes of getting some solid advice. So here's the deal … I have a 1993 Bronco with a 351W & a E4OD and we're at 276K miles. Recently the passenger side exhaust manifold cracked in half. Needless to say this created a huge exhaust leak and the heat burned up...
  8. Galaxie Swap and Trade
    Looking to buy a set of edelbrocks or equiv for my 63 390. I know its a long shot but if anyone has or knows of a set for sale other than brandy new I am in need of them.
  9. Galaxie Pages
    I've got a 65 galaxie 500 xl with 390 engine I am restoring. My dad has had it parked since the 70s so I know nothing has been changed since then. I was tring to find out if it has the original motor, which would be great I was hoping to have all numbers matching. The date code on the car is...
  10. All Ford Techboard
    hello guys, im new here to the forum and have a question I have a 1965 fairlane 500 2dr. hardtop with a 289, my stock heads are really tired and pretty much beat, but i recently came across somebody selling a set of rebuilt heads with all new components (springs, seats, valves, stem seals...
  11. Engine
    Just bought a 1971 Windsor I found in a guys yard, almost complete. I only want the block so I'm selling the following for $375.00 OBO for everything: -heads -intake manifold -distributer -automatic transmission -connecting rods -oil pan -oil pump -crankshaft -exhaust manifolds -starter -power...
  12. Galaxie Pages
    So here goes. Only had to work half a day last Friday and decided to spend some time driving the Galaxie since it was a really nice day. I had recently did a head swap using Pop's assembled Street Heat II heads, installed an Edelbrock RPM aluminum intake, added a Edelbrock 800cfm AVS carb...
  13. Engine
    Hey I have some GT40 heads with 134,xxx miles on em no cracks. good valves, I'll ship with paypal payment. PM me
  14. Truck Forum
    i have a spare 302 V8 ford engine under my bench and was wondering how to tell if it has performance heads on it. it is all rebuilt and i was going to put the heads on the 302 in my 1976 ford f100 if they were. let me know how to tell or if i can give any #s to help you guys out. thanks
  15. Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    HI everyone I was wondering if anyone can help. I purchased a 1966 Ford Mustang from a young man who was in the process of getting it running. It has a V8 which he installed a Hydraulic version of the HIPO K code cam.(From National Parts Depot) he gave me the heads which are C8OE 2V heads. I was...
  16. All Ford Techboard
    Can anyone tell me if the rail rockers of of my 1969 302 C9TE truck heads will fit on a set of 1966 289 C6OE heads. The 289 heads I bought yesterday are 6J14 casting so they are set up for rail rockers. The only difference in the head that I see besides the combustion chamber is the rocker arm...
  17. All Ford Techboard
    Hey guys. I bought a 1968 302 and tore it down. The pistons and cylinder bore taper are good so Im just going to hone them. The heads however are SOL. My questions is this. The C9TE heads are 69 truck heads with a decent size combustion chamber so I want to port them and get a valve...
  18. Falcon Pages
    Saw these on ebay: Ford early 289 Heads, Tiger,Mustang,Falcon,Galaxy,etc - eBay (item 280563264326 end time Feb-13-11 18:07:37 PST) Which offer one of the few ways to get a bump in compression ratio in a 260 over the stock 8.8:1 CR. By my math, going from 54.5cc combustion chambers to 49.2cc...
  19. All Ford Techboard
    Hey guys name is Bret. Ive been a Ford guy all my life and have a few Ford projects in the works. I have a 1946 ford Hot Rod 90% built a 1968 F100 Ranger with a 460. Just picked up a 1968 302 2v for $200. I was told it was pulled from a 1968 Mercury Cougar with 50,000 miles. I was skeptical...
1-19 of 23 Results