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  1. Engine Articles
    I’ve got a 289 (non hi-po) that I just received some 1969 351w heads for. I am very iffy on what can you select. Can anyone who has done this setup before/ or even knows more than me help with what I should be looking for? I am hoping for an engine with a lot of high end power and not really...
  2. Engine Articles
    One of my motor mounts has to be replaced on my ‘62 Fairlane. Car has factory 221ci Windsor (yes that’s a V8) with a Ford-o-matic 2 speed on the tree. The plan is to jack up motor with floor jack and wood blocks after unfastening necessary motor mount hardware. My question is, is there anywhere...
  3. All Ford Techboard
    I got a rebuilt 302 off of Facebook marketplace. It’s my first engine swap and I swapped it into a ford ranger. Ever since I wired everything up and finally got it running and idling it’s been overheating. It runs and after about 5-7 minutes it gets up to 180 and then continuously goes higher...
1-3 of 3 Results