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interior parts

  1. Interior
    rear panels and all interior trim(no front kick panels)blue have picks of all peices 300 obo
  2. Body and Exterior
    front &rear window chrome,chrome drip rail peices,chrome trim between drip rail and body.interior upper trim rear door panels ,back quater glass,door glass,window manual regulator,doortop chrome,etc.for sale have pics email me at [email protected] for more info
  3. Torino
    have numerous peices of chrome from around a 1970 gt torino.also interior trim and some platics.and the inner fender skirts.respond at [email protected] this is all the original parts some not in excellent condition other stuff is very nice more to be listed
  4. Galaxie Pages
    hi , i have bought a 63 country sedan 289 base model to restore and customise lightly. these are a very rare car in england as i only know of another but have never seen it sadly.i am struggling to find someone who knows what the 2 bench seats and door cards look like also will other model 63...
  5. Interior
    I have several pieces of interior parts, dash, kick panels, seat, door panels, arm rests and heater components that I would like to get rid of. Not asking the world for them just contact me and we can work out a fair price including shipping, unless you are local then you can pickup from me.