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  1. Galaxie Pages
    I got one console w/o a frame and then one butchered console for the frame/chrome for my 1964 Galaxie 500. I was wondering how to mount the frame in the car with the new carpet and how the frame mate together, I really can figure out a way that works with the console box? Really very confused.
  2. Galaxie Pages
    I a 1964 Galaxie that someone swapped some seats into I know the front are thunderbird but I'm unsure of the back and the year. Any help appreciated!
  3. Fairlane Pages
    First post so hope I'm putting this in the right place . I have a 1966 fairlane 2 door hardtop. My seats are at my upholstery guy and he has found the rear frames are beyond repair broken springs rusted out framing. My question is, is there other models and years that will work? I found a 68...
  4. Galaxie Pages
    Hello all, bought a 1962 4-door galaxie 500 It did not come with front seats. Guy said they went out to get reupholstered and the one doing the job either disappeared or died. Either way, I have no seats. Found a set local for a 1964 4-door. Question is: would the seats fit without issue or...
  5. Fairlane Pages
    Like a lot of other 50 year-old cars, my ’63 Fairlane 2-door sedan had some really ugly old windlace. Faded all over and shredded in places, it was a real eyesore on my otherwise pristine interior. After searching and writing to several interior shops that specialize in interior work on classic...
  6. Fairlane Pages
    I am looking into getting a set of actual gauges for my 1968 Fairlane 500 instead of these idiot lights. Has anyone actually swapped in some gauges into the OE dash pad? What size gauges to fit into the pods? I know what gauges I want but the only way i can figure to get them installed is to...
  7. Galaxie Pages
    I'm getting to the point where I am ready to redo my door panels on my 66 Galaxie. I would like to see pics from anybody who made their own panels or who has had an interior shop make custom panels for them. Also, I would like to know what kind of fabric is being used. I have been doing some...
  8. Galaxie Swap and Trade
    1965 Galaxie 500XL parts needed I am trying to find a few pieces to finish up my 1965 Galaxie 500XL. I need Both front arm rest (they appear to be long) On the drivers side door I need the lower chrome trim that goes under the armrest and is about two and a half...
  9. Galaxie Pages
    After about a week of searching and calling for a passenger side door panel for a 1970 XL convertible, I'm trying to approach the problem from a different angle. I've been reading a fair amount about molding ABS and other types of plastic using an industrial heatgun, and am considering doing...
  10. Falcon Pages
    I bought my 64 Falcon in pieces 15 years ago. Now that I am putting it back together, I cannot figure out what goes below the rear quarter window and above the chrome door panel trim on the interior. Can some one show me some photos or recommend where I could find these pieces?
  11. Galaxie Pages
    I lost the bolts that hold in the backrest of my rear seat. They are the 2 bolts the go in the two fingers that come out the bottom then tighten into the little triangle shaped pieces attached to the floor. Anyone have a couple I'd be greatly apprecitive. I can be emailed directly at...
  12. Wanted
    I am trying to find a few pieces to finish up my 1965 Galaxie 500XL. I need Battery tray Both front arm rest (they appear to be long) On the drivers side door I need the lower chrome trim that goes under the armrest and is about two and a half feet long. If you have any of this stuff or can...
  13. Galaxie Pages
    Does the bucket seats in a fastback have a carpeted square on it in the back? Anyone have any pics of one I can reference ? Square like about 12x16 or so located behind the backrest of the bucket facing the back seat
  14. Galaxie Pages
    I have a 65 galaxie 500, aqua interior. The dash has some pretty good cracks in it. I have not had much luck finding any information for this year, i have been able to find replacement dash pads for other years but not the 65. Any advice or suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  15. Body and Exterior
    I have a 71 torino 500 wagon i'm parting out parts available: Complete front clip minus the grill Rear leaf springs Complete front suspension tailgate Bench seats all glass except windshield all 4 doors Chris 702-401-6180 I'm located in las vegas, Nevada
1-15 of 15 Results