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  1. 351W - Intake/Exhaust Coolant Leak Issue

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    I've personally gotten to a wits end on this. So much that I'm seriously summoning the Car Gods and Gurus for some help on this one. Vehicle: 1986 Ford Mustang GT Convertible; 351W swap (1974 Ford Galaxie 500 block) She's a beautiful "Frankenstein" of parts from too many different years...
  2. Water in oil! Do these heads, intake and block work together?

    Galaxie Pages
    1967 Galaxie 500 2Dr Block = FE 390 - #816 (4/16/1968 I believe) Heads = Truck heads - #D2TEAA / 203 / 4E2 - (1972 I believe) Intake = Truck Intake - #7F13 / C7TE 9425-E - (1967 I believe) Problem: When I received this car, there was water in the oil. Engine is now out of the car...
  3. Leak Quest after Winter Break

    Galaxie Pages
    Does the Cruise-O-Matic tend to leak after sitting 5 Month in Garage? Not long ago I´d let overhaul the Tranny with new Oil Pan Gasket and O Ring on Filler Tube and Shifter far so good... Parked the Gal in Nov. 2014 for Winter Sleep. Now in 2015 had awoken the Beast and there was...
  4. Water Leaking, Pooling under Dash

    Falcon Pages
    I've got a leak in my '64 that results in water pooling on the backside of the dashboard. If I put my hand up under the lip, I can feel it's wet back there. If I'm parked on a sideways slope or after I go around the first corner, the water drains out through a low point right above my feet or...
  5. 1969 Ford Galaxie XL Oil Leak

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    My 1969 XL has an oil leak when it is running. The leak is near the oil filter and a component that is belt driven. I don't believe the leak is coming from the oil filter. Could the leak be coming from the belt driven component? I'm not sure what it could be.
  6. Power Steering Help

    Galaxie Pages
    What's up folks, I'm looking for a little help on fixing my Power Steering in my '63 Fastback. Long story short, a while back the steering started to get noisy (doesn't sound like grinding, more like a moaning/hissing) and very muddy/tough to turn. I checked belts and fluid levels - belts are...
  7. Crappy Idle...mystery vacuum leak or something else?

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    As of yesterday, I had it running at a surge-y 800-1000rpm in park/neutral, which dropped to like 500-600 in gear. Best I could do was a bumpy 17 inHg of vacuum at idle. Seemed low on a (AFAIK) stock z-code 390. I assumed I had a vacuum leak somewhere, so I plugged all the ports, but I couldn't...
  8. Fuel leak near or in tank in a 67

    Fairlane Pages
    I fixed the gauge and topped the tank to full, everything seemed fine until I drove it into the driveway and shut it off. A few minutes later I smelled a horribly strong fuel smell. Went to the back of the car and noticed it was leaking as if it had just been washed and was draining all the...