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  1. Transmission Articles
    Hi everyone, I own a 1971 Lincoln Mark 3, 460 engine with C6 transmission, got its transmission rebuilt 2 months ago because of bad seals, so I decided "well, might as well have a full proper rebuilding while I'm here" Replaced all the seals, o-rings, clutch plates and steel disks, bands and so...
  2. Chassis and Suspension
    Purchased, never installed. Would like to sell the WHOLE package. MOOG-K8212 -- Ball Joint (2) - MOOG-K8212 Front Upper Ball Joint Made By MOOG MOOG-ES351RL -- Tie Rod End (2) MOOG-ES351RL Front Outer Tie Rod End Made By MOOG MOOG-K8204 -- Stabilizer Bar Bushing (1) MOOG-K8204 Front Sway Bar...
1-2 of 2 Results