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  1. 67 shift linkage

    Fairlane Pages
    So I had my gauge cluster out in my 67 to replace the bulbs with l.e.d's and repaint the faded needles. Well it was kind of tight so I undid the two bolts and dropped the steering column down and long story short after I got everything done and put back in the dash I threw a battery in and...
  2. Throttle Linkage -- Part Missing

    Thunderbird Pages
    I'm trying to figure out why the throttle linkage on my 64 t-bird doesn't line up with the pedal and it looks like a part may be missing. The main linkage is a rod that attaches to a hinge, which is bolted to the firewall (#9725) in the attached diagram. On my car, the hinge swings freely, but...
  3. New carburetor install, parts needed??

    Galaxie Pages
    Getting ready to put a Edelbrock carb and RPM intake on 65' 390 Galaxie, was originally a 2 barrel setup. Forgive me but I am the typical small block chevy guy and don't want to make a dozen trips to the parts store if i can help it. Any help will be appreciated.
  4. Throttle pedal/linkage conversion question

    All Ford Techboard
    Hello, I would like to modify the gas/throttle linkage in my 68 Fairlane to a cable operated system. Anybody done this in this (or similar) model car? If so, what parts did you use? I have been looking at some of the Lokar products and generic versions, but I'm not sure if the universal...
  5. Help! Z-Bar mount came off

    Falcon Pages
    As I put the clutch in at a stop sign, heard a big BANG and the car was stuck in gear, but the pedal was halfway down. Swung it into a parking lot and stalled it with the brakes...actually a decent parking job for have 5 seconds from failure to stall-parked with manual steering and brakes :)...
  6. Tripower parts and wheels

    I'm in need of a complete linkage kit and underside pan for a tripower manifold. Possibly even a spare set of rebuild kits if I dont find them localy. The intake is the '63 no casting # unit. Also looking for a set of shelby wheels. Cosmetic condition isn't all that important as long as the...