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  1. Magnum Wheel Decoding - Help!

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    Hey guys, anyone able to offer some advice on the codes on these wheels? I just bought them this past weekend, it's not a question of whether it was a poor choice, they ran on Mustangs for a lot of years and are going onto my 68 Montego, so they'll bolt on fine, I just wanted to know if they...
  2. 65 Galaxie wheels

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    Just bought a 65 Galaxie Convertible. Has stock steel wheels which I would like to replace with Magnum 500's. 1. What size are the stock steel wheels (15X?)? (I've searched all over and can't find this info.) 2. If I eventually want to change to disk brakes all around, should I go to 16 inch...
  3. 1995-2009 Mustang Wheels 16 inch alloy's LIKE NEW WHEELS ONLY!

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  4. 1995-2009 Mustang Wheels 16 inch alloy's LIKE NEW

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