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  1. Trunk Floor - OE Style w/ Braces - 61-63 Galaxie; Monterey

    Auto Metal Direct
    Now available - Trunk Floor - OE Style w/ Braces - 61-63 Galaxie; Monterey Part# 800-8963 Retail: $599.99 Reproduction OE style trunk floor with braces for the 1961-63 Ford Galaxie & Mercury Monterey. Made on our exclusive new tools, each trunk floor is stamped from high quality OE gauge...
  2. 1967 Mercury Monterey

    BEAUTIFUL 1967 Mercury Monterey! I personally drove this car 1,000 miles from Nebraska to Illinois, and I can tell you that you really can drive this one ANYWHERE! Numbers matching 390 V8 automatic with only 78,000 original miles. New paint, tires, and wheels. No rust issues on body or frame...
  3. 64 Galaxie and Monterey roof swap

    Galaxie Pages
    Hello, does anybody know if the roof of a 64 galaxie 4 door hardtop and it's mercury monterey sibling are the same parts? Because i am in search of a whole new roof with a and c pillars on it for my 64 gal and DVAP offered me a 64 monterey roof, which actually has the same part number. But i'm...
  4. Torque converter for a Mercury Monterey

    All Ford Techboard
    A friend and I started a project rebuilding a 1962 Mercury Monterey. We are only missing a few parts including the torque converter (Single stage torque converter with 3 speed fully automatic planetary gear train). We have completed the basic engine rebuild. We are almost ready to drop the...