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motor mounts

  1. 351C Engine mounting holes

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    Hi.....Can anyone help me with the engine mount bolt holes on the block? On the ford engines are 2 bolt mounting bosses on each side which the motor mounts get bolted to. Can I get the bolt hole centering width wise and the centering length wise? Building a set of special engine mounts. Thank...
  2. Where to start...?

    Ranchero Pages
    I have a 1961 Ranchero, very rough condition, it has a 170 strait 6 that was pieced together. I was given a complete 1963 260 V8, I am having trouble figuring out what motor mounts are needed and where to get them. Also, I believe because its a 260 it has a 5 bolt transmission pattern, exactly...
  3. Motor mount question

    Galaxie Pages
    I am buying a 460 from a 71 Lincoln that currently sits in a 79 cougar. My question is, will those motor mounts work for my 66 galaxie?
  4. What motor mounts are these?

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    Motor Mounts (2) by Mad Science, on Flickr Motor Mounts (1) by Mad Science, on Flickr It's a '64 Falcon with a (5-bolt) 260 swapped in by a previous owner. Was originally a 170 I6 car. I know these aren't Falcon V8 mounts. Was told they were Mustang Mounts, but it can't be those, either. The...