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  1. 1966 Galaxie body to frame mount

    Galaxie Pages
    Can anyone tell me what publication or manual or service flyer I can find the correct directions or schematics or diagram for the body to frame mounting bolts and rubbers and washers. I am putting my 66 Galaxie back together and want to do it correctly but there is nothing in the Service Manual...
  2. FE 390 into a 71 Torino

    Torino Pages
    Hello I have a 71 Torino with a 250/C4 and would like to install a FE390/C6. The 390 and C6 are rebuilt and finally something came across for me to use it in. Can this be a bolt on application or do I need to get the level out and make my own mounts? I am thinking 429 mounts but it cant...