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  1. 1967 Mustang or 1966 Galaxie 500???

    The Garage
    Hello folks, here's my dilemma. I have a 67 Mustang coupe that I have had in my possession for about 8 years. The car needs a bit of work. It was a I6 to V8 conversion in process when I bought it. It has a mild 302 from a Mercury Comet (I decoded the engine serial number) that is not running...
  2. 1991 5.0 Ticking Sound

    Mustang Pages (1979-1995)
    I have a 1991 Mustang 5.0 engine that is being put into a 1964 Ranchero. The EFI has been replaced with a 4bbl carburetor and matching intake manifold. I have followed all the EFI to carb recommendations and so far everything is working out O.K. The donor engine was in pretty good shape...
  3. Building 302 for 66 Pro Street

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    I have a 1977 302 motor that came out of a modified Pinto that I bought from a friend. The motor is in excellent shape but has been in storage for about 15 years. I just tore it down this weekend to give it a good cleaning and to replace gaskets, oil pump, etc... I pulled the heads and it has...
  4. Ford Racing Cobra Jet Showdown at Bradenton

    The Garage
    Spring Break Shootout fans are in for an extra special treat at this year's event as Ford factory racecars compete in the Ford Racing Cobra Jet Showdown at the NMRA Spring Break Shootout in Bradenton Florida, March 7-9 2014! Witness one of the largest gatherings of Cobra Jets parked together in...
  5. Tremec Stick Shift Shootout at NMRA Bradenton

    The Garage
    Do you think your manually shifted Ford-powered street machine is one of the quickest in the country? Well, you won’t want to miss this! Long-time NMRA True Street supporter, TREMEC, in part with Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords magazine, has announced that they will once again hold the “Stick Shift...
  6. 1972 Mustang Battery Draining Issue

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    Hey Guys, I have a 1972 mustang which is currently experiencing a battery draining issue. I just recently bought a brand new Bosch Battery and 3 days sitting without it being turned on drains the battery completely. The alternator has been tested and it seems to be fine and Just bought some new...
  7. 2nd Annual SVT Shootout

    The Garage
    Santa Ana, CA (January 16, 2014) - SVT was born to build high-performance Ford vehicles and the NMRA Keystone Automotive Ford Nationals will be celebrating their passion with the 2nd Annual SVT Shootout at Maryland International Raceway in Mechanicsville, MD the weekend of May 2-4, 2014. It's...
  8. Knobs and Brackets! Knobs and Brackets!

    I have a bucket of radio, instrument control knobs, all from early Mustangs, Comets, Falcons. I mean, every kinda knob you can imagine! I will either sell the bucket, or sell you a set of knobs. If you are looking for something specific, let me know by sending some pics, and I will see if I...
  9. Edelbrock 1725 Mechanical Fuel Pump Installation

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    Hey Guys, I recently purchased an Edelbrock 1725 and was having trouble with the installation. I have a 1972 Ford Mustang with a 302 Engine. Just wondering if anybody had any Pictures, Videos, or specific techniques on how to install this Pump.
  10. 69 mustang 4.1L beginner

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    I got a 69 coupe with 250i6 3 speed auto, car came from Cali I live in Ohio. I'm looking into putting a 302 stroked out to a 347, and changing over to a 4/5 speed. Very new into hotrodding, ultimately I want a setup that slams me back into my seat and burns rubber, After all is said and done id...
  11. 351W 500hp?

    Im getting an 89' fox body, hatchback mustang soon and It'll just be the body. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to build a 351W with 500hp. Price doesn't matter, I'd just like to know what I need.
  12. Mustang merchandise

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    Check out my 69 mustang merchandise i created using photos i took at a car show in Toowoomba Australia. My father owns a 69 mach one so i just had to do a shirt for him. Mustang merchandise.
  13. BBF Pro Comp Aluminum Bare Heads for Sale

    I have a brand new set of Pro Comp aluminum bare heads that are brand new still in the boxes. Part number on the heads is 3051 they sell at Jegs for $439.00 each head, i'll sell the paior $400.00 plus shipping. They are the 95cc/300cc heads 859-414-4566 is a number i can be reached at prefer...
  14. t5 conversion clutch

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    Got a 65 fairlane with mustang i6. Tryin to convert it to a t5 and was wonderin if i used the existing clutch, flywheel etc or the one from the 302?
  15. Original Shelby 1967 GT500 Super Snake Heads to Auction

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    As Mustangs Daily tells us, a very significant 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang is about to cross the auction block, at Mecum’s 26th Original Spring Classic auction on May 17... Exotic And Muscle Cars: Original Shelby 1967 GT500 Super Snake Heads to Auction
  16. fairlane i6 t5 conversion?

    Fairlane Pages
    Got a 65 fairlane with 200 i6. I want to swap the 3 speed for a t5 and didnt know if the conversion kit (for mustang) from classic inlines would be helpful?
  17. 2007 Mustang V6 - Frame Specs ?

    Mustang Pages (2005-2009)
    Hi, Does anyone can help me by providing the Specs and measurement of a 2007 Mustang Frame ? living in France whith my 2007 Mustang that I took back with me from Florida, I met a road fence ... The parts arrived last day and the body shop is taking care of the 'Stang. But they need the specs...
  18. A little advice

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    I have a 71 grande with a c-6. ive decided to put some money in it an have some fun. I want to put a new rear end ratio in it because now it has 3.00:1. I dont know what ratio to use. i want to drive it to cruise in on the road an still be competitive at the track. As well im going to swap cams...
  19. Need to know what I'm going to have to change to make my C4 work

    C4 Transmissions
    Ok, so here is the deal, my wife saw a 79' Futura that she wanted that was in fair condition. It was owned by a 88 year old man who was the second owner and it only had 54k on it. Needless to say I paid the man and trailered it home and have been piecing it together since then. After a tune up...
  20. 2000 Cobra R the Top Modern Muscle Car

    Mustang Pages (1996-2004)
    The 2000 Ford Mustang Cobra R was rated #1 of the Top 10 Modern Muscle Cars by Total Car Score. TCS thinks this one is top in its performance and will have the highest potential for long-term appreciation with its value. What do you think? The rest of the list can be viewed here: Total Car Score...