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  1. 1972 Mach1 COMPLETE Disc Brake Set Up

    I have the COMPLETE Disc Brake set up, off a 1972 Mach 1, New Pads, Rorors clean, Hoses, ready to install...525.00...Call or Text 513-312-8799
  2. 1972 Mach 1 Disc Brake Spindles

    I have the Disc Brake spindles....Bare....$275.00 obo or trade for junk I need for my Mach 1
  3. Need help with x-pipe

    The Garage
    Ok guys I have an 01 mustang gt I just put on a cattless xpipe and it sounds terrible one of the flanges was bent so I had it cut off and a new one put on over it and I'm gonna get it welded tomorrow but I thought that was y it sounded bad but this morning the check engine light came on so I had...
  4. 65/66 T5/AOD swap cross member

    Ron morris crossmember. Got it with my TKO. It fit in the guys 65 fastback with this trans, he went from a AOD to a TKO, and used this with no issues. I obviously needed a different one. Would like 120 obo for it. Pretty much good as new, save a few bucks on this one. I know I'm new, I have good...
  5. 1966 mustang wiring to the rear/tail lights

    All Ford Techboard
    I am installing a new wire harness on my whole car and i am having trouble getting the wires for the tail lights through the hole into the quarter panel so they can come out the trunk. is there an easy way to do this?