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  1. Fairlane Pages
    I adjusted the valves on my '62 221 V8 and it runs pretty well now. Put new valve cover gaskets and change the oil. Everything seems okay (with the exception of the valve covers slowly leaking) but a bigger problem could be lingering just over the horizon... Oil pressure... Before I even got...
  2. Galaxie Pages
    Over the summer i put a high volume oil pump in my 68 Galaxie. She would not pump oil for the life of me. I dropped the pan several times suspecting the impeller shaft was not secure. She still wouldn't pump. I gave up and put the original pump back in there. I also installed some aftermarket...
  3. Truck Forum
    I bought an 83 f150 with a 429 from a 73 Galaxie. It lost oil pressure and Ihave done the flush and then got a manual pressure guage to determine if it was getting any pressure and it was zilch. I was told that I need to look at the pick up tube but I am unsure if I can get the pan off without...
1-3 of 3 Results