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  1. Galaxie Pages
    Hello all, New to the group but finding it to be a wealth of knowledge. My wife and I recently picked up a 62 Galaxie 500 2 Door Sedan, 390, 3 speed manual with overdrive. The car is overall in great shape but is missing some trim and we've been searching... albeit unsuccessfully for it. Can...
  2. Truck Forum
    After taking off my carburetor I noticed that my EGR plate had a crack in it and was absolutely filled with junk. So I decided to search the internet to replace it but nothing seemed to pop up. Well, nothing that was in stock. I was wondering if anyone knows where to find it? I don't know much...
  3. Falcon Pages
    Looking for 170 engine
  4. Torino Pages
    I’m desperate for a left side 1969 Torino Torque box, maybe someone has a spare from a project now abandon or??? The after market now only supplies the right side which I’ve got but no longer builds the left side which I need! Any help very much apreciated.......
  5. Torino Pages
    Rebuilding a 1970 Torino gt convertible and need lots of parts. I'm in St Louis, Mo.
  6. Galaxie Pages
    Looking for a 65 wiper motor for my 65 custom 500 galaxie. Also, need a wiper switch and switch plate cover. If you have one, two, or all three parts to sell please message me or reply here. I need the whole wiper assembly. Thanks!! Side question : on the dash where the wiper switch goes, there...
1-6 of 6 Results