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  1. Falcon Pages
    Hey y'all! I'm a fresh face here, just bought a '63 Falcon Wagon over the weekend and I'm wanting to find the best place to get parts for it; or just falcons in general. My main problem is that I've heard some regular parts don't interchange with wagon parts (some trim, sending unit, etc.) Any...
  2. Rear End Articles
    I bought a 64 Ranchero. It has the original rearend in the car (6 cyl, 4 lug, drum brake). I’m putting a 302, a C4, and disc brakes (eventually) to make it a functional street rod. The questions/problems I’m having are: what rearend is going to fit what is a good gearing towards economy and...
  3. Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    I have a 66 Mustang Coupe with and I6 and auto transmission that I'm wanting to put a V8 and manual transmission in it. I've found someone that has done a massive upgrade to their 69 Fastback and has removed nearly everything mechanical from it and has the old parts for sale. It has a complete...
  4. Fairlane Pages
    This is a pretty sweet set of tails if anyone is looking! First On Race Day ? ~ Mack
  5. Fairlane Pages
    This is a pretty sweet set of tails if anyone is looking! First On Race Day ? ~ Mack
  6. Galaxie Swap and Trade
    Carlisle, PA Ford Nationals Show is coming up soon. Would love to sell parts from my 1965 Galaxies 500 and XL before then! Please take a look at the photos on the link below now that depict the many items I have for sale and buy them before the show! I have many items for Ford Galaxies, some...
  7. Galaxie Pages
    Hi. I have a lot of parts for 1965 Ford Galaxies. My sons' cars are nearly complete and we have lots of extras (windows, chrome, locks, doors, emblems, wheelcovers, cig. lighters plus plus plus) if anyone is interested. Alternatively, does anyone have experience with selling stuff to a salvage...
  8. Fairlane
    Cars do not currently run! Let's just be clear about that right up front. I have 2 1967 Ford Fairlanes. One came with a 289 (no longer there) and the other with a 200ci straight six. The one with the S6 will turn over, but I think it needs a fuel pump. Tank has been drained. The other now has a...
  9. Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    I am working on a 72 mustang mach 1, with a 351C engine and a C4 transmission. I am wanting to do a transmission swap to a T5 with a hydraulic clutch. I am trying to get a complete parts list of what specifically this swap will require. Everything from specific models of pedal assembly to...
  10. Galaxie Swap and Trade
    I am checking to see if there is interest in a 4 door 67 Galaxie. I have not personally seen this car yet but I am buying to take the dash, heater, chrome trim, etc. I wont have a need for the frame or the body. So if there is interest in the frame, let me know. I may want the rear axel...
  11. Galaxie Pages
    Looking for a 65 wiper motor for my 65 custom 500 galaxie. Also, need a wiper switch and switch plate cover. If you have one, two, or all three parts to sell please message me or reply here. I need the whole wiper assembly. Thanks!! Side question : on the dash where the wiper switch goes, there...
  12. Torino Pages
    Hey guys I am losing the house and sadly that means the car has to go as well. I'm keeping the engine and trans, but everything else is fair game. Send me requests or take the whole thing. It has all the body panels, dash, lights, wiring harness, alternator and ect. No seats.
  13. All Ford Techboard
    Hi i am an Australian seeking parts for 69 fast back mach 1 ,I want to find out how available parts for these models are.Are parts easy to come by and if not are there generic parts available for instance over in oz we have rare spares who sell reproduced restoration parts and accessories.
  14. Galaxie
    Hey, VERY NEW to forum, 1st post. I am selling my 1965 Galaxie 500 XL convertible. 390 motor, Automatic trans. It is black on black for the most part. This would most likely be a parts car because a lot of it is disassembled and would need a trailer to pick it up. No title as well but a lot of...
  15. Fairlane Pages
    Hi there Fellow Ford Fairlane Fans... I have just aquired a 1967 Fairlane 500 four door that I plan on using as my daily driver... in fine shape...and I have been running into some walls finding out stuff about it... as I make some tweaks...and I would appreciate any resources that anybody can...
  16. Wanted
    Am looking for a few small pieces to replace he old ones on my 1968 Thunderbird. Need the chrome trim for both the hood and the trunk. Am also looking for an antenna and the headlight grille covers (must have the glass emblem in them). I want to keep the car as original as possible.
  17. Galaxie Pages
    I am nearing the end of a resurrection. I have quite a few original parts from a 63 500 sedan. I do not have the side trim, fender spears, or all of the rear trim. I do have some of the rear trim, gauge clusters components, gauges, C pillar "sails", an original 63 cruise-o-matic, and others...
  18. Torino
    1970 1971 ford torino gt 70 71 parts door complete $200 each can ship cheap with greyhound call matt at 636-614-8968 and for shipping price call greyhound at 314-231-6044 thanks
  19. Stroker Engines
    I have a 1971 mustang coupe with a 302 on the fritz looking to rebuild with the most efficient well rounded power band for a street strip combo. I'm open to any and all suggestions starting at the radiator all the way to gearing tranny and sneakers for the ole girl to lay down surprising quarter...
1-19 of 19 Results