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power steering

  1. 1964 Galaxie Power Steering Cylinder Hose Replacement

    Galaxie Pages
    So one of my hoses is cracked that go into the Power Steering cylinder. It's leaking all over the place so I bought two new ones and I'm attempting to install them right now. I'm hung up on one issue though. So the two hoses that were in there appear to be identical to each other. The two hoses...
  2. Power Steering Ram mounting to clear headers

    All Ford Techboard
    I've seen that people use the drop down bracket for the ram, but it seems to cause problems without difficult welds only catching 3 sides of the bracket. Has anyone, or is it possible, to just mount the bracket over about 1" (from its normal position), toward the front of the car, to clear...
  3. power steering pump / water pump paint color

    Galaxie Pages
    Hi all. I am restoring a 66 (390 if it matters) and looking for some help from the experts. Anyone know or have a factory correct motor to reference. 1. Was the water pump always painted? I "thought" mine was the original when pulled, and it was natural... rusted now... but no paint. 2. My...
  4. Eaton power steering pump

    Falcon Pages
    I need some help. I have a 65 falcon convertible with a 289. The previous owner replace the Eaton pump and power steering valve because the valve had a little leak. When I bought the car the eaton pump was leaking and the belt was slipping. I replaced the seals and it leaked again soon after...
  5. Disassembling Power Steering Pump

    Galaxie Pages
    I'm trying to separate the power steering reservoir, the pump, and the pulley so I can paint them. Does the 1" nut inside the reservoir unscrew? And does the pulley just unscrew off the front of pump? The shop manual says, "Remove the retaining nut and the reinforcement from the reservoir."...
  6. Problem w/power steering belt

    Thunderbird Pages
    I recently removed the air conditioning compressor from my T-Birds 429 Thunderjet. After putting it back together, I keep breaking the belt to the power steering pump. I replaced the pump, same problem. I've tried different quality belts, they all get shredded. I noticed that the belt and the...
  7. Sloppy Power Steering 1971 Torino

    All Ford Techboard
    Hi everyone! As we all know, the old school Ford "Power assisted" steering has its weak points. One of which is the distinct lack of feedback that those of us who own old Fords are all used to... you know what I mean guys, going lock to lock on the wheel with only your pinkey finger! :rolleyes...
  8. 1959 galaxie power steering problem…please help!

    Galaxie Pages
    Hi all. I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I recently bought a 1959 Ford galaxie 4 door hard top. Since I've had the car the power steering assist cylinder seems to be leaking from where the rubber seals wrap around the piston. I thought that the cylinder itself may had been bad, as...