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power windows

  1. Wanted: 1965/66 XL Power Window Switches for console.

    Galaxie Pages
    Looking for a working or NOS power window switch for the console.
  2. 1965 Galaxie XL power window switch troubleshooting

    All Ford Techboard
    I am in the process of troubleshooting a 1965 XL Galaxie's power window switches on console. Driver's side works all the time. Passenger side switch only wants to go up. The 2 rear windows switches were not connected from console but buttons work from rear seats so ok there. I moved the...
  3. 64 2 door, door panel removal and electric window service

    Galaxie Pages
    Can anyone provide an overview how to remove the door panels and also how to service the front and back electric windows. 2 door 1964 Gallaxie 500 XL
  4. 1966 power window main console switch dissembly?

    Galaxie Pages
    I know there are a lot of questions about power windows but I couldn't find an answer. I saw a post about taking apart the switch and cleaning but the link didn't work. Does anyone know how to take each of the 4 switches out of the main console and take them apart to clean or repair? I'm...
  5. 1967 Fairlane Power Windows

    Fairlane Pages
    Hi I'm new to this Forum, Since this Friday I'm the owner of a 1967 Ford Fairlane 500 which I will have as my daily driver. My question (after spending hours researching) is if anyone here have any experience about fitting power windows to a 67 Fairlane. Is there any mods that will allow you...