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  1. 66 big block 4 speed Caliente for sale

    2 door Y code rolling shell basically. Missing engine, trans, hood, grille, front seats and steering column. The body is very straight, but it has rust on lower front fenders, front floorboards and lower rear quarters. All of the glass is in good shape, doors are rust free and straight. It is...
  2. 1963 Fairlane 500 4door cruiser project (Loads of pictures!)

    The Garage
    So I bought this Fairlane back in May. It has a '77 302 (the shortblock is from from the mid 90s) and a three on the tree. At first the plan was using it as a daily driven project, but that didn't happen. I was offered to buy it for $1700 after my Dodge had blown two engines in four days. So...
  3. 1966 Ford Galaxie, HELP! —Picture—

    Galaxie Pages
    Hello all, I am looking to buy this '66 Galaxie Convertible for my first car. I LOVE working with cars (even junkers :p); I work for another guy — a cuda lover. Asking price is $2,150 and I'd like it much less, due to the condition (it'd be a project car), seeing the picture I attached...
  4. looking for a 66/67 Fairlane

    Longshot, but worth a try. I'm looking for a decent 66/67 Fairlane 2 door body. It doesn't have to have any front end pieces (fenders,hood,grill) nor does it have to have bumpers, trunk lid, or windshield. Doesn't have to have a motor or tranny either. Pretty much just a body with doors. I...
  5. Looking for a cheap project car :)

    The Garage
    Hi all. I'm in Australia and looking for a project car. i am on a tight budget but i'm seriously interested in getting something started and just wondering if anyone has something like a ford falcon or similar in running condition that they want to get rid of? Even if you know someone who is...