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  1. 60' Falcon Not Getting Gas: HELP

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    I recently became the proud owner of a 1960 Falcon with 144 ci straight 6. From what I was told, it has been sitting in a shed/barn since 1994. The engine wants to run but doesn't seem to be getting any gas. The shop replaced the gas tank, fuel lines, sending unit, and fuel pump, as well as a...
  2. Eaton power steering pump

    Falcon Pages
    I need some help. I have a 65 falcon convertible with a 289. The previous owner replace the Eaton pump and power steering valve because the valve had a little leak. When I bought the car the eaton pump was leaking and the belt was slipping. I replaced the seals and it leaked again soon after...
  3. Disassembling Power Steering Pump

    Galaxie Pages
    I'm trying to separate the power steering reservoir, the pump, and the pulley so I can paint them. Does the 1" nut inside the reservoir unscrew? And does the pulley just unscrew off the front of pump? The shop manual says, "Remove the retaining nut and the reinforcement from the reservoir."...
  4. Power Steering Help

    Galaxie Pages
    What's up folks, I'm looking for a little help on fixing my Power Steering in my '63 Fastback. Long story short, a while back the steering started to get noisy (doesn't sound like grinding, more like a moaning/hissing) and very muddy/tough to turn. I checked belts and fluid levels - belts are...