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  1. 64 Falcon 302/Manual trans questions

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    Hi, I have been daily driving my 1964 Ranchero 260 v8 3 on the tree for about 5 months now, and as the summer in colorado approaches I will be making more frequent trips through the mountains and on highways and the lack of gearing in the 3 speed is beginning to limit My Ranchero's usability...
  2. 1962 Ford Ranchero Steering Column Repair

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    Steering went out on my '62 Ranchero. I thought it was the gear box and proceeded to attempt to remove the box. After much wrenching (and swearing and crying) and googling, I learned that the gear box and steering column are all one piece. Okay, so now I've got the steering wheel off, the...
  3. 1969 Ranchero Gas Tank

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    I just bought a 1969 ranchero gt. The gas tank needs cleaning and some holes patched. I wanted to see how much a new tank would be but I can't find any. Will a Torino or Fairlane tank fit? Does anyone have a site that sells new ranchero gas tanks?
  4. 67 ranchero sparks from steering

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    I have a 67 ranchero restomod with a 1990 5.0 and tremec 5-speed. Every so often I am getting sparks coming from the steering column. It happens mostly when coming down hill and turning left. lots of sparks. I figure there is something missing or not put together properly in my column. any...
  5. Falcon Ranchero Door Seal Help

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    Anyone have photos that show how the weatherstrips on the doors are oriented for a 1965 Falcon or Ranchero? Close ups would be appreciated as I'm not 100% sure I even know which strip is my passenger side and which is my driver side (I stupidly removed them from their bags before I realized...
  6. 1969 Ranchero - neutral switch? or not?

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    I have a 1969 Ranchero on the Fairlane 500 chassis. 2dr, column shift. My issue is that in order to start the car it has to be in neutral and sometimes even "wiggle" the shifter within neutral. I used to be able to pull up on the shifter while it was in park but that stopped working and now it's...
  7. Thunderbird grill cowl fit on 1979 Ranchero

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    I read somewhere that the grill/cowl assemble from 77-79 Merc Montego and Thunderbird will bold onto my 79 Ranchero. I like the fender from the Thubderbird as well and I am wondering whether the fenders, hood and grill cowl all fit directly on the 79 Ranchero. An additinal question is whether...
  8. Ranchero Calling

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    I purchased a 1964 Ranchero about two weeks ago with the intention of restoring it despite the fact that I have no idea what I am doing. The only reason my wife is fully supporting me in this venture is that she loves "makeovers" of just about anything. Among the many questions, I have is...
  9. 62 Ranchero help

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    Hello everyone! I just purchased a 62 ranchero 170 3 speed auto. My issue is that it came with a battery that went dead on me so I went to Purchase a new one and was told I needed a different battery. I purchase a battery with 710 cold cranking amps rather than the 550 I had. I installed it it...
  10. More street torque: Part 2 cam and head selection

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    As my last thread ended; I accepted delivery of Scat 408 stroker kit for 79 Ranchero (4000 lb) with FMX auto. I am looking for a fun, torquey ride that I may drag race on occasion. Car is used at higher altitude ( @ 6000 ft above sea level) and will not see alot of high RPM stuff. I was...
  11. Looking for front bumper and brackets for 64-65 falcon/ranchero

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    i am looking for a 1964-1965 ford falcon or ranchero front bumper and both brackets, mine has a comet front bumper and brackets and im looking for the one that goes on my truck, please call me at 319-202-5165 and my name is Donovan
  12. 1957 1958 1959 ranchero wagon tailgate latch strikers

    Body and Exterior
    Hey everybody, I made some new tailgate latch strikers for my ranchero and I made some extras. They are cast out of potmetal just like the originals. They don't have the wear and tear that most of the originals have. Let me know if interested.
  13. 67 Ranchero

    67 Ranchero (Fairlane) Restomod. 351W/5-speed 1967 Ford Ranchero. Finish the restoration I started - most of the hard work has been done. In my family since 1968. This is one of those "made a deal with the devil" sales. Would like to finish it, but my wife is smarter than I am. Engine...
  14. Donor for 58 ranchero

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    Hey, anyone have some ideas on a donor vehicle to put my 58 ranchero on? Does anyone know the logistics of putting a body on frame on a unibody? Was thinking of several cars i.e. p71 crown vic, later tbird, lincoln, gran torino, etc, as long as the wheelbase is close, I can modify, but looking...
  15. cam suggestion

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    hello and thanks in advance for any help folks. i am trying to figure out what cam to order for my motor. i blew up my other ford 400 big time. i have another 400 out of a 70 or 71 galaxie i think the guy said. its the first year for 400 with 9.5-1 compression. i have a holley street dominator...