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  1. 390 rebuild for 67 Galaxie - will these pieces work together?

    Galaxie Pages
    Any issues with these pieces going together? Block: - Came out of a 1973 Dually - 390 FE = Mirror 105D3TE = 1973 Truck Heads: - Truck heads - #D2TEAA / 203 / 4E2 - (1972 I believe) Pieces from another 390 FE Block (352 31) : - Pistons(C6AE), I will get it bored out to fit the .30 over -*Crank...
  2. 67 Galaxie 500 rebuild

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I bought a 67 Galaxie with the 390. One owner. Everything still original, and it had 80k miles. Motor isn't running. Push rods are bent. Upholstery is all original, and cracking, as is the headliner. Lots of patina on the outside. I put some new white walls and some...
  3. C6 Transmission Weird Problem

    All Ford Techboard
    I have a 1969 Ranchero GT with a C6 transmission. It was working fine a couple days ago. I go to put it in gear to day and the order of gears is reversed. When in park it is in park. When in reverse or neutral it is in drive. Drive and below are reverse. It is a column shifter. What is causing...
  4. My Cruise-O-Matic Rebuild Thread

    Galaxie Pages
    So, I decided to take out my 1966 Cruise-O-Matic transmission and see what I could do for it as far as a re-build! I was going to go with an AOD, but then I wanted to go with a 4R70W. I built a 4R70W and then I had to relocate due to work and the new transmission has sat. Now since I am...
  5. Combination For 1978 F-100 Engine Rebuild, any advice?

    All Ford Techboard
    351 Windsor Comp Cams H268-2 cam 1.6 Roller Rockers Bored .060 over 9x5x1 compression Eldebrock Performer Intake 600 cfm carburetor headers HEI distributor Any suggestions or comments on what to do with this or any tweaks that you would make are welcome. Thanks!
  6. Can anyone tell me if this 302 sounds too bad?

    All Ford Techboard
    I'm having a really bad feeling about my engine. Is it going to live or does it need a rebuild? ""
  7. 302 head question

    All Ford Techboard
    Hello, I am starting my first top end rebuild of a 302.When finally taking the heads off coolant came out and poured into the cylinders, I am assuming I did something wrong when draining the radiator.can anyone advise me of what I did wrong and is this a problem?
  8. Update on 1963 Galaxie 500 XL: Cleaned up and Running

    Galaxie Pages
    A couple weeks ago I posted pictures of the 1963 Galaxie 500 XL convertible that my dad bought and asked for everyone's expertise as to if the price was decent at $8K. Many people asked for updates once I had them so I wanted to share the update I got today. So my dad has been working to get...
  9. 351 Windsor Build Help!!

    All Ford Techboard
    So to start off Im new to building engines, and this is the first engine I have even attempted to rebuild. I have no mechanical background, no schooling, just what my grandpa and the internet has taught me. I took the engine all apart cleaned the block got an edelbrock top end kit, rotating...
  10. I need help with a new project

    Galaxie Pages
    Hi everyone. I am new to this forum and this is my first thread. I just inherited a 1962 ford galaxie from my brother and i have big plans for. ATM it has no engine or transmission, the interior is shot, the suspension sees fine, and i dont no about the brakes. The exterior however is in very...
  11. How to Remove Steering Shaft from box? (64 manual steering)

    Falcon Pages
    I know it's one piece with the box. I'm rebuilding my box, so I'm taking it all apart. Got the box out (that was fun...), got the sector shaft out, and per the manual the next thing to do is remove the "steering shaft bearing adjuster and cup", then pull the steering shaft and ball nut out...
  12. potential rebuild in the future

    Stroker Engines
    I have a 1971 mustang coupe with a 302 on the fritz looking to rebuild with the most efficient well rounded power band for a street strip combo. I'm open to any and all suggestions starting at the radiator all the way to gearing tranny and sneakers for the ole girl to lay down surprising quarter...
  13. Where to start Rebuilding? 351C 4V

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    Hey all, I am rebuilding a 351C 4V. I have never built an engine so I have no idea where to start. I am having the block and heads vatted and magnafluxed right now, but when I get them back I dont know where to start. It seems like everything (i.e. cam, pistons, rods...etc) are all dependant on...