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  1. 1969 Ranchero Gas Tank

    Ranchero Pages
    I just bought a 1969 ranchero gt. The gas tank needs cleaning and some holes patched. I wanted to see how much a new tank would be but I can't find any. Will a Torino or Fairlane tank fit? Does anyone have a site that sells new ranchero gas tanks?
  2. 66 Fastback Windshield Replacement

    Galaxie Pages
    So, I finally pulled the trigger on a new windshield for my 66. I was tired of having 'white out' at night when headlights shine my way and in sunlight while driving. I have an order in through Safelite and they are scheduled to come do the installation in 7 days. So....Has anyone else...
  3. 61 Sunliner Replacement top recommendations

    Galaxie Pages
    Hi all, I've just bought a 61 Sunliner and need to replace the top. I'm wanting to know if anyone has bought a top online and recommends somewhere for their fit and quality? I've come across a few websites and most are priced quite similar. I'm going to be shipping the car to my home land, New...