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  1. Magnum Wheel Decoding - Help!

    All Ford Techboard
    Hey guys, anyone able to offer some advice on the codes on these wheels? I just bought them this past weekend, it's not a question of whether it was a poor choice, they ran on Mustangs for a lot of years and are going onto my 68 Montego, so they'll bolt on fine, I just wanted to know if they...
  2. Will mustang rims fit 71 torino???

    Torino Pages
    I have a 71 torino with stock 14'' rims. Looking to put something different on it. i see alot of mustang rims(90s to 2014s) at good prices, and same bult pattern( 5-4 1/2). but cant move on buying because not sure of the size of the center hole.... so, will mustang rims fit a 71 torino without...
  3. 1964 Falcon Sprint rim sizes

    Falcon Pages
    I am looking to get new rims for my 1964 Falcon Sprint. Would 15"x7" rims with 215/60/15 for the front and 225/60/15 for the back work? I have disk brakes from a Grenada in the front. If this works, what off sets would I want?
  4. Need Help!!! 18" Mustang Wheels to Fit 1967 Fairlane

    Fairlane Pages
    I am wondering what the spacer thickness would be to make these babies fit? They are 235/50/18 BFGoodrich tires on a 1967 Ford Fairlaine