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  1. All Ford Techboard
    I am recently new to the site, so hello to all. I acquired a 66 fairlane last year, which was running until I blew a head gasket. I just pulled the motor yesterday, but I am looking to purchase a rebuilt 302 short block to replace it, rather than taking the time to rebuild. As I have been...
  2. Galaxie Pages
    I am going to stroke my FE 390 to a 431, put in a nice Comp roller cam and lifters, with Harlan Sharpe rockers. I want to feed the beast with dual 500 cfm quads like Edel.'s Air-gap matched set. Will this fit under my stock hood?
  3. All Ford Techboard
    I'm wanting to build a Ford V8 for best mpg. My thinking was to start with the smallest one, the 221. I've been studying on the best recipe like highest possible compression (this article in Popular Hotrodding is great- Engine Compression Ratio - Tech - Popular Hot Rodding Magazine), free...
  4. Engine
    Hey guys, i have a Brand New set of Crane Cams hydraulic roller lifters (tappets) still in the box, never been opened, I paid $639 for them, well actually my fiance bought them for me, haha. But im looking to get rid of em for atleast $350 with shipping. Im a certified paypal user, so it will be...
1-4 of 4 Results