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  1. Engine Articles
    Long time reader, first time questioner. I am just here to ask for some advice on my 289. 1968 Ford 289, +.060 Converted to be able to use roller lifters Dart II SuperCompetition heads (up to .620 lift) Hi-Tech piston rings #H251K-060 Forged steel crank Forged steel connecting rods Erson Roller...
  2. C4 Transmissions
    hey everyone, building a 54 F100 (first build with my father in law so thanks for the patience) and may have a few issues. I recently had my C4 trans rebuilt. its behind a ford 302. While in park and hitting the gas the engine RPMs increase and sound completely appropriate. however, once put...
  3. All Ford Techboard
    Hey all I have a small problem, I am currently rebuilding a 351w and am installing the harmonic balancer. The issue I am having is that when I press the harmonic balancer on the crank no longer wants to spin, the balancer bolt just keeps tightening and tightening. When I remove the balancer the...
1-3 of 3 Results