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  1. '66 Fairlane Console w/ Auto Shifter

    Parts came from my old parts car. It was a '66 Fairlane 500XL w/ AC. It's tan in color and seems to be in good shape. I don't see any cracks in it. The metal is pitted but it's 50 years old, could use a good polishing. The back light cover has crumbled away. The "glove box" or "storage area"...
  2. 67 shift linkage

    Fairlane Pages
    So I had my gauge cluster out in my 67 to replace the bulbs with l.e.d's and repaint the faded needles. Well it was kind of tight so I undid the two bolts and dropped the steering column down and long story short after I got everything done and put back in the dash I threw a battery in and...
  3. 68 XL Horseshoe shifter

    Galaxie Pages
    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and new to the restoration scene as well, so please bear with me if I have a lot of questions. I need a new horseshoe shifter for my 68 Galaxies XL and I've come up empty in my online there a universal one I can use? I will keep looking for the...
  4. 65 galaxy500xl 390 trans. slips in drive,it pulls after sumtime

    All Ford Techboard
    So my daily driver broke down and im tryn to get my galaxy500 up and road ready, last time i drove long ago it slipped pretty bad right before i parked it.So i put fresh fluid in it and managed to get it to pull, and it would even brake torque and burn rubber. Next day nothing but reverse...
  5. do i have the correct size Hust shifter cable?

    C4 Transmissions
    hi i have a 64 ford falcon (289 & c4 trans) with a column shifter. i been procrastinating the installation of my used Vmatic hurst shifter that i bought used at a car show. i recently purchased a 3 foot long cable but i am unsure if its the correct one for my application. any ideas? i want to...