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  1. Fairlane Pages
    I adjusted the valves on my '62 221 V8 and it runs pretty well now. Put new valve cover gaskets and change the oil. Everything seems okay (with the exception of the valve covers slowly leaking) but a bigger problem could be lingering just over the horizon... Oil pressure... Before I even got...
  2. All Ford Techboard
    I'm having a really bad feeling about my engine. Is it going to live or does it need a rebuild? ""
  3. Engine
    Just bought a 1971 Windsor I found in a guys yard, almost complete. I only want the block so I'm selling the following for $375.00 OBO for everything: -heads -intake manifold -distributer -automatic transmission -connecting rods -oil pan -oil pump -crankshaft -exhaust manifolds -starter -power...
1-3 of 3 Results