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  1. Falcon
    How much is the SS molding on the 65 2DR HT worth.I have the molding for both sides of the car.It is the trim that starts at the front fenders and goes across the doors and stops at the rear of the quarter. All the peaces are in good shape and are not dented up. I don't think I'll use them,all...
  2. Body and Exterior
    I have an NOS Ford Pickup grill shell that I posted on the E-P-A-Y site. It is a D2T part #. You can find it under item # 190841047324
  3. Drivetrain
    T56 Ford 6 speed trans, bellhousing, Spec HP 10.5 clutch Dynotech aluminum Drive shaft, all in excellence condition. Was in a 1990 Mustang fox body, and will fit with a 5.0 or 351W in your mustang. Price $2200.00 plus shipping Call 910 916 6414 Fayetteville, NC.
1-3 of 3 Results