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  1. Outer Tie Rod to Adjuster To Inner thread mismatch

    Falcon Pages
    I'm in the middle of doing the oft-recommended swap to all 65 V8 Manual steering parts on my '64 Falcon. I thought I'd be able to use my outer tie rod end and adjusters to connect to the new inners I just bought. NOPE. See below. Top is the old setup, bottom is the new setup. Specifically...
  2. Hellllpppppppppp '72 Spindles

    Torino Pages
    So my front spindles have the bottom ball joints seized in and there is no getting it out... I need to find some. Any suggestions new or used or even other cars that will work doesn't matter.
  3. Better fit for disc brake conversion

    Galaxie Pages
    I am ready to tackle the disc brake conversion on my 65 Galaxie convertible. I have access to a 78 t-bird and a 70 ltd. Which would be the better candidate for my swap