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  1. Falcon
    I'm looking to purchase a unmolested 63 Sprint Hardtop as close to stock as possible. I'm not looking for all the bells and whistles. It's just not me. I've seen all the ones on eBay, Classic Cars, and Hemmings and they are either too modified or too expensive. I was hoping you could lead me to...
  2. Falcon Pages
    I bought my 64 Falcon in pieces 15 years ago. Now that I am putting it back together, I cannot figure out what goes below the rear quarter window and above the chrome door panel trim on the interior. Can some one show me some photos or recommend where I could find these pieces?
  3. Falcon Pages
    I have long been a Falcon fan...63 Sprint to be exact. It was my first car at age 16 that I purchased for $600 and then sold it fully restored a few years later for $5400. It had 63,000 original miles and was driven around the OC by a little old lady. Fast forward quite a few years later and I...
  4. Drivetrain
    Hurst Comp Plus Shifter and Linkage Kit, Both NOS from a freinds Speed shop, got for my 1964 Sprint, as prior owner said it needed it, he is full of poop, stock 4 speed shifter works great....These are BRAND NEW, NEVER MOUNTED... Complete with Handle and Knob.....Has been sitting in my shop for...
1-4 of 4 Results