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  1. Manual Steering Box

    Galaxie Swap and Trade
    Hey Guys, Can anybody give me a lead on a new or rebuilt/reconditioned manual steering box for my 62 Galaxie 500 Town Sedan (352 if it matters)? Thanks
  2. Electric Steering Rack and Pinion (saturn EPAS and rack)

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    hello all, new member but have been reading tech related stuff here for years. I appreciate all the knowledge that is shared. Electric Steering seems to be all the rage right now and i just purchased all the stuff to convert my 65 289 mustang coupe with manual steering over to electric this...
  3. Upgrading manual steering on 57 Ranchero

    All Ford Techboard
    I need some suggestions on upgrading my manual steering. I've heard that upgrading to a 58-59 box is good move. But I am also interested in hearing other low-cost options (Grenada? early 60's Fords?) FYI, I am capable enough to make modifications to mount a different box so I am not so...
  4. How to Remove Steering Shaft from box? (64 manual steering)

    Falcon Pages
    I know it's one piece with the box. I'm rebuilding my box, so I'm taking it all apart. Got the box out (that was fun...), got the sector shaft out, and per the manual the next thing to do is remove the "steering shaft bearing adjuster and cup", then pull the steering shaft and ball nut out...
  5. Slow steering, close ratio box? Galaxie.

    All Ford Techboard
    New to Galaxies after just acquiring a very nice 64 convertible. Manual steering about 5 turns lock-lock and very unresponsive. Is a close-ratio box or possibly shorter pitman arm available? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Another 64/65 Steering Box Question

    Falcon Pages
    Seems to be a common theme. Been commuting for a few weeks in my Falcon (which is why I bought it). It wanders pretty badly on the freeway. At last check, all the tie rod ends looked good, and I just replaced the front bearings in doing by disc brake swap (chokostang 4-pot swap). It doesn't...