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steering column

  1. 1962 Ford Ranchero Steering Column Repair

    Ranchero Pages
    Steering went out on my '62 Ranchero. I thought it was the gear box and proceeded to attempt to remove the box. After much wrenching (and swearing and crying) and googling, I learned that the gear box and steering column are all one piece. Okay, so now I've got the steering wheel off, the...
  2. New here with a steering question.

    Galaxie Pages
    Hello all. I am fairly new to the world of Fords, and recently fell in love with and bought a '64 Galaxie 500 fastback. So far I've been neck deep in almost every moving part on this car, and I finally ran into one that you guys haven't addressed all that well. (I have already used this site to...
  3. 64 Galaxie fastback 3 on the tree conversion to automatic column shift

    Galaxie Pages
    I have a 64 Galaxie and want to convert it from the factory 3 on the tree manual to an automatic column shift car. What will I need to make this happen? What type of transmission will I need that will bolt up to my 289 small block? Do I need to replace the column or can I replace the 3 on the...
  4. Do you have a steering column part I need?

    Galaxie Pages
    Hello, I have replaced the upper bearing in a 1967 Galaxie 500 steering column. The metal clip, that holds the gear indicator in place on top of the steering column is broken and I have been searching for a replacement. I have tried all the usual places with no luck. I was hoping someone...