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  1. Mustang 1965-1973
    i have a 65 coupe it has a lot of play on the steering wheel.. it has power steering it doesn't work. on the freeway i drive and all of sudden the steering wheel either slightly moves to the left or right without me doing it. like if someone just pulled the steering wheel down to the left or...
  2. All Ford Techboard
    I need a quick education here. I'd like to replace the old steering wheel in my 65 Ford and wanted to know if there was an American universal bolt pattern standard or does each manufacturer have its own? For instance, could I use a Lincoln wheel on a Ford? Or a GM or Jeep wheel on a Ford? Do the...
  3. Fairlane Pages
    How do you remove the rubber Flower Pot in the center of the steering wheel? I've got a '67 Fairlane 500 GTA Convertible we are starting to restore. Right blinker doesn't stay put, horn is tilted like the bushing is gone, and generally a little loose parts. Would like to investigate what's...
  4. Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    I Drive a '67 mustang coupe. The steering wheel has lots of play. Can someone tell me how i can fix this problem? Thank you Matt
1-4 of 4 Results