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  1. Falcon Pages
    Hi Ford Muscle Forums, This is my first post, because I have bought my first classic, a 1965 Ford Falcon. I have some questions I was hoping someone could help me with. I have a rod hanging down in my engine that is connected to my throttle. I will snap a picture to show you what i mean...
  2. Falcon Pages
    I have a 64 Ford Falcon Coupe. It's got the straight 6, not the 289 V8. It's all original, except maybe the back air shocks my dad put in back in the 70s. Everything else, even the interior is original. Me and my dad are out here in California and we are trying to find some decent places to take...
  3. C4 Transmissions
    I have a '67 Mustang Coupe i bought recently. She was okay but know were starting to have some problems. When i hit the pedal a little to fast it drops to the floor and is stuck in full throttle until i shift to neutral. it has a straight 6 200 engine (automatic). i dont know if it is the engine...
1-3 of 3 Results