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  1. '69 351w to 408; Will this kit fit? Oh, and NOS

    Stroker Engines
    Well, the 302 just blew in my '70 mustang while the 351w was in the machine shop, so this build was meant to be. I have a 1969 351w (9.480 deck height) and had a heck of a time finding a kit that would work, and I think I managed to find one: 12360-PS-F408W - Ford 408W Reverse Dome -22.0cc...
  2. 393 or 408

    Stroker Engines
    I have a '91 351W and want to build it up. I don't have a specific car in mind that I am going to drop it in. What are the ups, downs, and differences of a 393 stroker or a 408 stroker?
  3. 347 build questions

    Stroker Engines
    This will be my first complete engine builds, sorry in advance for all the questions! what started out as a normal 302 swap when my weak 2.9 v6 blew has now turned into a complete 347 stroker build. the parts I already have: comp cam springs (942-16) with comp retainers, locks, etc. Summit...
  4. It's been over 20 years...

    Stroker Engines
    Hey fellas, just stumbled upon the site and registered today. I just bought a 73 gran torino (302-2v c4 3.50 9") and already have my bedroom engine stand ready to start the motor build. I however haven't kept up on the build and design differences over the past 20 years that the Ford small...
  5. FE Stroker

    All Ford Techboard
    Hi, i bought myself a 64 Galaxie 500XL with a 352 FE in it. Im considering building a SCAT 432 stroker for it, and wonder if i can bore and use my existing 352 block or have to buy a 390 block to fit the kit. The bore on the SCAT kits im looking at are 4.080 with the 4.125 stroke...
  6. 352 vs 390...SAME block?? (in 1966)

    Galaxie Pages
    Please help clarify for me. A friend gave me a "390" long block to strip and build my stroked 390 out of so I would not have to use my matching numbers block original to my '67. Upon dismantling it, I checked the stroke and bore and sure enough, it is a 352,(3.5" stroke, 4.00 bore) not a 390...
  7. 347 stroker kit

    Stroker Engines
    I am building a 347 stroker kit. im going to use the stock heads and an edlebrock rpm air gap intake eldebrock preformer carb. im not sure on what cam i should go after, and i want to know about how much hp? and suggestions? thanks.
  8. 351w to 428 stroker

    Stroker Engines
    I have a 1974 351w block that i plan on boring .030 over. What stroker kit(looking at a 428 from Ford Engine Kit - Ford 428 Stroker Kit, 351 Windsor Big Bore Flat Top) would you recommend. Also what heads, cam, ect should i be looking at. Any recommendations as to what i should do with this engine.
  9. Ford 390-432 FE valve floating

    All Ford Techboard
    Hello i'm Giulio from Italy , i recently builded a Big Block ford 390-432 FE on a Ford Mustang 1968 , engine run very good and very fast but valve floating at 4700-4900 rpm , i read that this engine family FE bear this problem , but the strange thing is why Eddy rpm heads and rpm cam combo can...
  10. 351w in 1969 Falcon. What do I need?

    Falcon Pages
    hey guys. I currently have a 302 of an 85 mustang and a C4 transmission. I wanted to build a stroker and eventually put a supercharger with low boost on it so I was looking into having a 363 Dart block build from Fordstrokers but seeing the pricing it looks like I would be much better off...
  11. high pressure = stroker?

    Stroker Engines
    Hello all, I have a 1971 Torino SCJ Clone, with a non parts matching ingine that Im trying to find out more about. The car was originally a 500 Sports roof with a 302 2v, and had a healthy 429/460 put in it before I got the car. A little about the engine- C9VE-B 6015, 385 series 460 block...
  12. Ignition condition

    Torino Pages
    Hi everyone, I'm new here, hoping someone can offer some guidance. I have a 1971 Torino, I think its a 500 sportsroof, according to the VIN. Originally with a 302 2v. It has a fresh rebuild on the engine, a non parts matching C9VE-B 6015 big block. It was race built at one time, ported and...
  13. 351w block for my foxbody

    Mustang Pages (1979-1995)
    I'm wanting to do a 351w based motor I have a guy that works with a friend that has a 70's model block is it better to get a late 80's early 90's block for my 91 coupe or will a 70's block be fine here's the block numbers d4ae 6015 aa 5 I can get it for 75 bucks I'm guessing that's a good...
  14. Need to know .... Cam timing effects on 351 stroker

    All Ford Techboard
    Hi ive read all that i could find on cam timing but its hard for me to see if it also makes a difference to my returning problem ..... I have a slight knock when i really floor it eigther down the track or when i pull a 3. gear burnout. After my own opinion ive build a pretty powerful engine...
  15. 351w in 69 falcon??

    Falcon Pages
    hey all might be a silly question. I currently have a 302 in my 69. was wondering if a 351w will fit in there, if not what would be involved in making it fit. I am wanting to do a stroker in the near future, just wasn't sure if I should stay with a 302 and spend the money to do a 363 or do...
  16. 408 windsor issues ! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    All Ford Techboard
    Hi guys, So i recently installed a 408 stroker in my 1966 ford custom 500. The motor was ran on a dyno and performed great. I put it In my car and installed a 750ss quick fuel carb, summit ready to run billet distributor, ran it around for a little bit doing the standard brake in procedures...
  17. More street torque: Part 2 cam and head selection

    Ranchero Pages
    As my last thread ended; I accepted delivery of Scat 408 stroker kit for 79 Ranchero (4000 lb) with FMX auto. I am looking for a fun, torquey ride that I may drag race on occasion. Car is used at higher altitude ( @ 6000 ft above sea level) and will not see alot of high RPM stuff. I was...
  18. 351W build up...options???

    All Ford Techboard
    Hey guys, I am looking to build a 351W for my 1994 F-150 4X4. I have a few ideas per parts I have on hand. I have heard good things about the 351W strokers using the 400M cranks as well as the "Clevor" engine. I have a few Modified laying around, a good 1972 Cleavland 2V and access to oodles...
  19. Engine Swap Economy?

    Fairlane Pages
    I need to refresh the 289 in my new 67 Ford Ranch Wagon (not running)and I'm curious if I'd be better served by a bigger engine. I could stroke the current block to 347ci, swap in a 390/410FE, 351W, or stroke the 351W to 393ci. I'm currently driving an 03 GMC Sierra extended cab with a 4.6 and...
  20. Ford 427 stoked to 454 with 428SCJ crank

    For sale Ford 427 C3AE-H engine complete, .030 over, forged pistons, 428SCJ crank 20-20, 428SCJ counter balance, 428SCJ automatic flywheel wieghted, crank heavy metal balanced, Lemans cap screw rods, after market road race front sump oil pan, 428 CJ heads, adjustable rocker arms, Edelbrock 427...