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  1. Supercharger for 351C???

    I have a 351 Cleveland and I was throwing up some different ideas for future plans on my car and had thought about adding a supercharger. Does anyone know what size, type, brand, cost, etc, supercharger would fit on a 351?
  2. Advice On Getting More Power

    All Ford Techboard
    Brand new to the forum looking for some advice on how to get more power out of my engine! It started its life out as a 1972 351c 2v and after an extensive rebuild including these parts and more: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Camshaft...
  3. Vortech Maxflow Power Cooler with Bypass

    Mustang Pages (1979-1995)
    Found this sitting in storage for god knows how long. Any interest? Offers? No low balls, I know what it's worth. Part Numbers: 8N003-080 8D004-010
  4. 393W with 6-71, what do you think?

    Stroker Engines
    Ok I read all the time but never post so here goes. I am putting together a street/limited strip stroker for my 3700lb 47 for pickup(truck is running a C6 and 3.50 gears). Here's what I have: 74 351w block 0.030 over Scat cast steel 3.85 crank Scat h beam rods stock length Probe SPS 30cc dish...