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  1. Engine
    I have a 351 Cleveland and I was throwing up some different ideas for future plans on my car and had thought about adding a supercharger. Does anyone know what size, type, brand, cost, etc, supercharger would fit on a 351?
  2. All Ford Techboard
    Brand new to the forum looking for some advice on how to get more power out of my engine! It started its life out as a 1972 351c 2v and after an extensive rebuild including these parts and more: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Camshaft...
  3. Mustang Pages (1979-1995)
    Found this sitting in storage for god knows how long. Any interest? Offers? No low balls, I know what it's worth. Part Numbers: 8N003-080 8D004-010
  4. Stroker Engines
    Ok I read all the time but never post so here goes. I am putting together a street/limited strip stroker for my 3700lb 47 for pickup(truck is running a C6 and 3.50 gears). Here's what I have: 74 351w block 0.030 over Scat cast steel 3.85 crank Scat h beam rods stock length Probe SPS 30cc dish...
1-4 of 4 Results