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  1. New Member Introductions
    I am looking to install new shocks, anyone have a recommendation, I have been looking at Viking Double adjust shocks. I just bought the car & it was lowered, so I am trying to lift it back up to normal. Bought new leaf springs & new Coil Springs. Thank you
  2. Falcon Pages
    Hello, I'm planning a Coyote resto-mod on my 1965 Falcon. And I have a general idea what needs to be done. My only question is, if I plop in a new rear end (a 8.8" or 9") and pair it with the existing 170cu l6, what challenges can I expect? I plan on using 31 splines with 5 lugs, but may use...
  3. Fairlane Pages
    Hi all, first time posting after much reading. I've searched extensively for any sort of post relating to my problem with no luck. If anyone's aware of any pre-existing information on it, that would help a ton too, otherwise any suggestions at all are more than welcome! I have a 1970 Fairlane...
  4. All Ford Techboard
    I have a 1963 fairlane 500 sports coupe and looking to improve my suspension, what is a good match up front and back? Thinking about buy a new mustang and using it's parts.
  5. Falcon Pages
    Hello! I am working on a 65 hardtop and would like to get advice on coil over front suspension upgrades...A full mustang II style front end is been ruled out in my book already (i dont want to pull the motor etc) so my choices are obviously rebuilding my stock suspension and adding a disc brake...
  6. All Ford Techboard
    Hey Guys and Gals. I have a question to put to you all. My daughter has a 1961 Galaxie - 352, 3-speed overdrive, manual steering - that we are having a devil of a time trying to get to steer correctly. The only thing that we haven't done is replace the center link. The pitman arm end of the...
  7. Falcon Pages
    my falcon (64 Falcon Futura) has the stock leaf springs and on the rear right side i can see the bushing is 50% gone. the left rear one still has some life in it. Back Shocks are 4 months old I found this place nearby that can Refurbish them and its actually pretty cheap. 65 dollars a set and...
  8. Falcon Pages
    hi i have a 64 Falcon Futura with a 289/ C4 transmission. been working on it for sometime now but i simply cant afford the Mustang 2 front suspension anytime soon. So i was hoping someone on here would have other suggestions for better handling. I heard of people upgrading to a 65 mustangs...
  9. Falcon Pages
    im wondering, im told that the suspension and many other components in my 66 falcon 2 door coupe are very similar if not identical to a 66 mustang in terms of performance suspension can i use mustang parts or will i have to build my own stuff
  10. Falcon Pages
    Not a lot of options out there for Falcon rear springs, particularly if you want a little more rate, change in height or more anti-wrap. Seems the only option was to go custom, at great cost. Then, out of nowhere, it seems Summit sells 2 inch lowering springs for $95 for the pair: Summit...
  11. Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    New Idler Arm's bushing diameter different from Idler Arm Bracket I recently purchased a roller idler arm for my 1965 Mustang coupe, and I just got the original one off tonight. When I compared the bushing diameter on the old one with that of the new one, I noticed that there's quite a...
  12. Torino Pages
    i am currently serving in afghanistan back home my uncle has a 70 torino gt fastback sittin in his backyard that he has agreed to give to me at no cost (except to drive it upon completion). it has been my dream for several years to restore it and with this deployment i finally have the extra...
  13. Falcon Pages
    Has anybody done a full frame? a independent front suspension? or a mini tub? I am looking to fit a 18x10 rear and 18x8 front but would like to upgrade suspensions any ideas thoughts or advise I have a 4 door parts car that Im using as a test car to transfer to my coupe but would like to go...
  14. Body and Exterior
    I have a 71 torino 500 wagon i'm parting out parts available: Complete front clip minus the grill Rear leaf springs Complete front suspension tailgate Bench seats all glass except windshield all 4 doors Chris 702-401-6180 I'm located in las vegas, Nevada
  15. Falcon Pages
    Seems to be a common theme. Been commuting for a few weeks in my Falcon (which is why I bought it). It wanders pretty badly on the freeway. At last check, all the tie rod ends looked good, and I just replaced the front bearings in doing by disc brake swap (chokostang 4-pot swap). It doesn't...
  16. Galaxie Pages
    Lowered with lowering springs all around 2". Now when I jack up the rear by the axle housing, the springs almost fall out. Do I need to replace the shocks, and if so, how do I know what shocks to get. Help!
1-16 of 16 Results