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  1. Galaxie Pages
    Looking for a working or NOS power window switch for the console.
  2. Galaxie Pages
    Being my first car, I've had my Galaxie for 15 years now. I honestly NEVER knew there were back up lights in the center of the brake lights. I got new bulbs in there, made sure the fuse was fine and they still don't work. Wiring looks fine, so I think it is the switch. I have found one on Amazon...
  3. Maverick Pages
    Hi all. So I took my maverick down for the last test and tune of the season. Long story short ran one pass, it was popping and spitting and was hard pressed to climb above 5 grand. Pulled the valve covers off to make sure we didn't bend a push rod. Everything looked good put the valve covers on...
  4. Air and Fuel
    For sale new in the box NOS Sniper wet nitrous kit. Kit # 07006, never been out of the package. Bottle, brackets and all parts needed to install. Paid 425.00 new Will sell for 350.00. Also have a switch panel (painless wiring kit) that goes in place of the ash tray. 75.00 Call me with any...
1-4 of 4 Results