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  1. Ranchero Pages
    I just bought a 1969 ranchero gt. The gas tank needs cleaning and some holes patched. I wanted to see how much a new tank would be but I can't find any. Will a Torino or Fairlane tank fit? Does anyone have a site that sells new ranchero gas tanks?
  2. Galaxie Pages
    Hey cherokeechief57, here is a quick guide to anything and everything you need to know about dropping the tank (there isn't enough slack in the hose to drop it but it is very easy to remove)! First you need to take out the filler neck. There are 4 screws with a 5/16 head around the gas cap you...
  3. Ranchero
    I'm looking for a used or repopped gas tank for my 57 Ranchero. It does not currently have one so I cant fix, need to buy. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  4. Fairlane Pages
    I fixed the gauge and topped the tank to full, everything seemed fine until I drove it into the driveway and shut it off. A few minutes later I smelled a horribly strong fuel smell. Went to the back of the car and noticed it was leaking as if it had just been washed and was draining all the...
  5. Wanted
    Hi. I'm looking for a Fuel Filler Tube for my 85 Mustang. I need to replace the rusted out one I currently have. I'm located in Alexandria, VA, just south of Washington, DC. Thanks.
1-5 of 5 Results