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  1. Thunderbird Pages
    Alright boys I'm finally posting here for help. Time to lay it all out for you.:frown2: I've owned a '78 XR-7 for about 6 years. 65k all original miles, 351w, FMX trans. Everything is stock except for an air cleaner upgrade, a new radiator, the plugs/wire kit I put on, a distributor, and an OEM...
  2. Thunderbird Pages
    Hey guys- first post on here- theres a tapping sound, pretty loud, coming from somewhere in my car. It still goes off while the engine is off, and i can hear it best from inside by the glove box. My best guess is that it is the wiper motor somehow, because the wipers don't work either. Anyone...
  3. Galaxie Pages
    i recently bought a 64 gal with a 390. only prob. no trans or drive shaft. im on and extremly tight budget. but i rather drive my ford then my 62 buick. i found a 390 cruise o matic and shaft for cheap. little more then i can afford but i really want my car running. the only catch. the set up is...
1-3 of 3 Results