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  1. Falcon Pages
    Hi Ford Muscle Forums, This is my first post, because I have bought my first classic, a 1965 Ford Falcon. I have some questions I was hoping someone could help me with. I have a rod hanging down in my engine that is connected to my throttle. I will snap a picture to show you what i mean...
  2. Thunderbird Pages
    I'm trying to figure out why the throttle linkage on my 64 t-bird doesn't line up with the pedal and it looks like a part may be missing. The main linkage is a rod that attaches to a hinge, which is bolted to the firewall (#9725) in the attached diagram. On my car, the hinge swings freely, but...
  3. Galaxie Pages
    Getting ready to put a Edelbrock carb and RPM intake on 65' 390 Galaxie, was originally a 2 barrel setup. Forgive me but I am the typical small block chevy guy and don't want to make a dozen trips to the parts store if i can help it. Any help will be appreciated.
  4. All Ford Techboard
    Hello, I would like to modify the gas/throttle linkage in my 68 Fairlane to a cable operated system. Anybody done this in this (or similar) model car? If so, what parts did you use? I have been looking at some of the Lokar products and generic versions, but I'm not sure if the universal...
  5. Galaxie Pages
    Well,I decoded the numbers on my Galaxie,and have been working on and hunting parts for my Galaxie for months now,and I finally have a motor and trans that I'm going to run. Here's the thing though,my Galaxie originally came with a 260 and two speed Ford-O-Matic,and I'm installing a 390 and 3...
1-5 of 5 Results