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  1. Transmission Articles
    Hello I have a 1971 Thunderbird with a C6 cruise-o-matic in it. I know these transmissions call for type F fluid but the previous owner put Dexron II in it. The question is: Are Mercon/Dexron II tranny fluids backwards compatible with type F or do I have to drain it and replace it? Thanks!
  2. All Ford Techboard
    Belches out exhaust smoke from valve cover breather and oil dipstick tube. Exhaust is not black or white. I finally did a compression test this weekend. Cyl: 1 - 180 2 - 160 3 - 160 4 - 185 5 - 185 6 - 170 7 - 160 8 - 170 The engine has slight knocking sound on start up, idles smoothly when...
  3. Thunderbird Pages
    Alright boys I'm finally posting here for help. Time to lay it all out for you.:frown2: I've owned a '78 XR-7 for about 6 years. 65k all original miles, 351w, FMX trans. Everything is stock except for an air cleaner upgrade, a new radiator, the plugs/wire kit I put on, a distributor, and an OEM...
  4. All Ford Techboard
    Hey Guys, Going to be honest...not a big car guy at all but 2 weeks ago I purchased a 70 T-Bird because I really liked the car. All of my friends are really good with cars and they were going to help me out with any issues. Sadly about a week into the purchase the head gasket went out and as we...
  5. Thunderbird
    Beautiful 1965 Ford Thunderbird. White with black interior. 39,953 miles. 390 V8 automatic. Goes up for AUCTION on July 11 in Louisville, IL (2 hours east of St Louis). For more information, contact Kevin at 217-821-6138.
  6. All Ford Techboard
    I read somewhere that the grill/cowl assemble from 77-79 Merc Montego and Thunderbird will bold onto my 79 Ranchero. I like the fender from the Thubderbird as well and I am wondering whether the fenders, hood and grill cowl all fit directly on the 79 Ranchero. An additinal question is whether...
  7. Thunderbird Pages
    this is a fully restored super nice condition car with less then 4000 miles on new factory engine transmission and rear diff. The list of new parts is long. $6500 OBO email [email protected] or call 602-402-8761 for more details to talk to my uncle about his car. I remember when everything...
  8. Wanted
    Am looking for a few small pieces to replace he old ones on my 1968 Thunderbird. Need the chrome trim for both the hood and the trunk. Am also looking for an antenna and the headlight grille covers (must have the glass emblem in them). I want to keep the car as original as possible.
  9. Thunderbird Pages
    I'm trying to figure out why the throttle linkage on my 64 t-bird doesn't line up with the pedal and it looks like a part may be missing. The main linkage is a rod that attaches to a hinge, which is bolted to the firewall (#9725) in the attached diagram. On my car, the hinge swings freely, but...
  10. Thunderbird Pages
    I recently bought a '64 Hardtop Thunderbird that was partially restored in the late 90's and pretty much has been sitting ever since. I got the engine running after cleaning out the old gas and rebuilding the carb, then had the master cylinder and booster rebuilt--so the car runs and stops...
  11. Thunderbird
    I need to unload her or she is going to the junk yard. Engine is gone, my just be the top end that's bad but I can't afford her nickel and diming me anymore. Love the car but she must go. I'm selling the whole car with stock rims on it for $600 bucks or best offer. Interior is in excellent...
  12. Thunderbird Pages
    Alright my dad has a 65 tbird landua he is doing a sort of factory restoration on. Goin to be a weekend driver and parking lot car show car. but nothing special. cars got good bones and is numbers matching. In a hunt for parts i have come accross several 65s. so im thinking of buying one also...
  13. All Ford Techboard
    This just seems odd... Are the crank bearings on '92 3.8L non-cs supposed to be offset by about 1/8 inch? I am teaching my son how to rebuild his engine himself due spun rod bearing at 200K miles on this car. We recently got this car used and have no idea what if anything was done to this...
  14. All Ford Techboard
    I was looking over the VIN on my 77 t-bird and found out it had a 400 in it, I bought it with a blown 351M. And by blown i mean busted. Why would you replace a 400 with a 351M. I replaced the Modified with another Modified and built it up nice and then I found this stuff out.
1-14 of 14 Results