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  1. Drag Racing
    Here is a video of my '66 Fairlane making a pass. Keep in mind Bandimere speedway in Colorado is 6000' and the pressure altitude is around 8500'. Looking forward to some better air at Drag Week this year! Bangin' Gears! - YouTube
  2. Car Show and Track Pics
    Here is my '66 Fairlane at the strip with a 351C and a TKO 600 Bangin' Gears! - YouTube
  3. Drivetrain
    Tremec Ford TKO600 brand new - $SOLD Tremec Ford TKO600 new in box. not used. 26 spline input / 31 spline output 2.87 first / .64 od. includes factory shifter, optional offset Slik shifter optional shortened input shaft for direct bolt up to 4 speed bellhousing, toploader, scatter shields (eg...
1-3 of 3 Results