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  1. FE engine to T5/TKO trans?

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    I'd like to put a T5 or TKO in behind the 390 FE in my 68 LTD. So far the only bellhousing adapter I've found is the one made by quicktime, but $530 seems a little salty to me. Hell, I didn't pay that much for the engine! Do I have any other options? Any tricks for modifying common bellhousings...
  2. 65/66 T5/AOD swap cross member

    Ron morris crossmember. Got it with my TKO. It fit in the guys 65 fastback with this trans, he went from a AOD to a TKO, and used this with no issues. I obviously needed a different one. Would like 120 obo for it. Pretty much good as new, save a few bucks on this one. I know I'm new, I have good...